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Accelerated FreeFall

Your path to solo flight

Ready to skydive solo? Our Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Program is the way to do it!

Our goal is to teach you how to safely progress to skydiving solo and our certified AFF instructors will be with you every step of the way — on the ground and in the sky.

After successfully completing the required skills taught in Level 1 through 7, you will be able to skydive solo by the end of the Program, including:
Checking your gear
Safely exit the plane
Fly your body with stability
Complete a series of basic freefall maneuvers
Deploy, steer and land your parachute
Perform emergency procedures to address malfunctions


AFF begins with a 4-5 hour ground school known as the First Jump Course, which covers the theoretical and practical training necessary to prepare you for your first solo skydive. Ground school will teach you the essentials to a safe skydive before you get in the air.


Following the completion of ground school, you’ll be ready for your first jump — a focused AFF Training Tandem Skydive with a certified USPA AFF instructor. This guided instructional experience is a great introduction to the basic body position, equipment operation and canopy piloting required to prepare you for your next jump with our student equipment.

AFF Progression

After your first tandem skydive, you’re ready to make that first milestone jump with our student equipment! Your first three jumps will be under the direct supervision of two instructors who will assist you with a stable freefall and parachute deployment, as well as radio communication to guide you through landing your parachute safely.

Altogether, you’ll complete 7 levels of progression under direct supervision of your instructors, during which you’ll learn a variety of skills as you progress through the Program. You can complete each jump at your own pace and schedule. Once you graduate from AFF you’re cleared to skydive solo!

Become "A" Licensed Skydiver

To transition from an AFF student to an “A” Licensed skydiver, you’ll need to complete a series of 25 jumps (a mix of solo and coached jumps) at your own pace, showcase your skills in the sky and pass a written test.

After a successful check-out dive, you have officially earned your A License and can jump solo with peers. Congrats on becoming a licensed skydiver!

AFF Prices

First Jump Package

/ person
Complete Ground School training session
14,000 ft. AFF-Specific Training Tandem Skydive
Full pre-jump briefing & post-jump debrief
Your first logbook entry
Preparation for your next jump
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AFF Progression

Skydive with our specially configured Student equipment
Each jump has a specific set of tasks and criteria, which must be completed successfully to move to the next level.
Level 1 through 3 — you jump with two Instructors
$245 per skydive
Level 4 through 7 — you jump with one Instructor
$205 per skydive
With dedication and time, you can earn your AFF in two weeks.
Schedule your jumps directly with the manifest office (not online)
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